Studying the Truths of the Bible to Apply Those Truths to Our Lives. 

The Lake Barcroft Women’s Bible Study is a non-denominational group of women who first began meeting together in March of 2015.  

We welcome any woman interested in learning more about the Bible.  The knowledge and experience of the women in our group ranges from those for whom Bible Study is brand new to those who have seminary degrees. We represent a wide range of ages and denominational perspectives as well as various ethnic and national origins.

Each meeting starts with time for coffee, refreshments, and fellowship followed by teaching by one of our members or an invited guest.  The teaching is followed by small group discussions.  

Our rules are few, but firm:

We don’t check attendance.  We love for you to join us whenever you can.

We don’t check homework.  We do believe that we get more out of the lessons when we prepare by doing the homework, but we understand that life gets in the way of our best intentions.  Everyone is encouraged to attend with or without homework in hand because they (and we!) will always be glad they did!

We don’t discuss politics.  That includes church, local, state, national, or international politics.

We don’t discuss denominational differences.

We do concentrate on studying the Bible and considering how the truths of the Bible apply to our lives today.

If you would like to check us out for yourself, please feel free to join us.  We’d love to meet you!