Some of you may know that during my career as a human resources trainer, I taught Memory Development techniques.  One important thing I learned while I was teaching that subject is that the more senses we can get information into, the more likely we are to remember it.  With that concept in mind, we are doing a different kind of Bible study this semester.

We are listening to God’s Word in song, so that those musical areas of our brains and our hearts can connect with the Word.  We are repeating the songs and the readings from Psalms so our connections to the text are strengthened and reinforced. We are even doing Word Search games that cause us to slow down and ponder individual words and what they tell us about the character of God.  And we discuss our responses to what we have meditated on throughout the week so that we can broaden our perspectives on how we might apply God’s Word and experience His work in our lives.  

Essentially, we “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” (Psalm 34:8)  I hope that has been your experience as you’ve embarked on this study with us.

A nifty tool you can use for understanding and remembering the names and subject matter of each of the books of the Bible is the Walk Thru the Bible Flashcards. Even if you don’t commit to memorizing the information on these Flashcards, they can be a great help in getting the gist of each book of the Bible and in getting a sense of the flow of the history, poetry, prophesy, gospels and letters that make up the 66 books of the Bible. I have used them myself and have bought them for my grandchildren.  Maybe you’d like to do the same. 

Bible Study Helps