Hi Ladies of the Lake and Beyond,

I hope you’ve had a lovely week reflecting on Goodness.  If you missed Heidi’s talk last week, it is now posted on our website:  www.lbwbs.com

If you have the workbook for this semester, Character that Counts:  Fruit of the Spirit, I hope you have had some time to review the lesson on Faithfulness.  I was both challenged and encouraged by it, and I look forward to hearing what challenged and encouraged you.

Before that, though, we get to hear from Kathryn Hanley, another one of the founders of the Georgetown Women’s Bible Study.   I have been in a small group with Kathryn for over 10 years and have heard her speak on several occasions.  I can tell you that she epitomizes Character that Counts.  I look forward to sharing Kathryn with you—and you with her.  You can read Kathryn’s bio at http://lbwbs.com/?page_id=85


Although we don’t check homework, we do encourage you to do it so you will get more out of the lesson.

Although we don’t check attendance, we miss each of you when you are not here, and we are always glad to see you come through the door!

And most important:

Although it may be raining outside, the Son is always shining here on Tuesday mornings.  Come and see for yourself!

Love and blessings to each of you and the homes and families you care for!