What a treat it was to learn about Lydia this morning. Here are a few key ideas that Joyce pointed out about Lydia:
-She was kind and gentle.
-She sought to know God.
-She used her resources to help spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.
-She was a business woman who was used by God, but God did not require her to give up her career.
Joyce’s painting, shown below, is of three faces of Lydia.  She is a multi-faceted woman.  Lydia actually sounds like many of you.  You each have unique spheres of influence in which you are able to meet, love, and serve others.
I encourage you to take advantage of opportunities to share what you are learning.  There are lots of women out there who would love to be a part of what we are doing here on Tuesday mornings.  You can start by inviting someone to join you here next week to hear Holly Leachman share what the Lord has put on her heart about the Widow Who Gave All.
The lessons on the Widow are in Chapter 18 of both books and in Mark 12:41-44 in your Bible.
God bless you each and every one!  Have a great week!
Lydia: A Business Woman Who Gave God First Place