The theme for this semester is “So what?”  We will be looking at each lesson and asking ourselves 3 questions:

  1. So what does this story tell me about the character of God’s heart?
  2. So what does this story tell me about the character of God’s heart toward me?
  3. So what do I do about that?  How can God’s heart flow through me to others?

The quote of the day is from Mother Theresa:
“We can do no great things—only small things with great love.”

We will continue our study of Women of the Bible using the same books we used last spring.  Next week, we will discuss Job’s Wife.  Here’s where to find her story:

In the Bible:  Job 2:1-10, Job:42:10-13
In Her Name Is Woman, Chapter 14, pages 121 through 127
In Creative Living:  the Challenges of Womanhood I, Lesson 14, pages 64 through 68

Reminder:  the questions at the end of the chapter in Her Name Is Woman are also included in the first section of the Creative Living Book Lesson so you don’t need to answer them twice.

The Challenge:  One of my favorite passages in the Bible comes from the book of Job.  I will have a prize for the person who can find it!  In the event of more than one correct answer, there will be a drawing for the prize.

Hint:  It is not among the verses that are referenced in the materials.

Have a great week!


The Theme for Fall 2016: So what?